Smitter Family

Having done Emily’s Senior pictures a few years back, I was pleasantly surprised when she requested a family shoot this summer. I had a great time with this goofy, lovable family. They never seemed to stop smiling, and making me laugh as well. I look forward to spending time with Levi in a few years time for HIS senior session! Thank you for letting me see a glimpse of your wonderful family, and enjoy the summer!


The New Love Birds

Knowing Adam from High School, we’ve kept in touch throughout the years so I was happy to hear he had a new girl. Only meeting katie the day of the shoot was a sudden but still great. What a wonderful girl, very happy and bright with a good solid laugh. This new relationship seems to be going strong though, with only a few months in you can really see a connection with these two. I look forward to seeing their relationship grow!

Olivia and Jeremy

When I was contacted by Olivia about doing her weddings photos I was overjoyed! This girl is one of the most down to earth, goofy, and all around sweetest girls you will ever meet. We went to high school together some years back, and after loosing touch it was nice to have a session where I could catch up with her and meet her husband to be! Overall It was a great session, with a few surprises that will be relieved after the wedding in July. Enjoy the view and feel free to comment, or “Like” me on Facebook.