Meeting Logan

I always love working with kids of all ages, but I do have to say the little ones are the cutest! As I headed off for spring break I made a lovely pit stop to see a good friend and her new son. I remember her baby shower, tye dying little onesies and talking baby stories. I love working with friends and having a laugh as I photograph makes the whole experience wonderful. Logan was an excellent model hardly any fussing or crying and towards the end we even had a few smiles and giggles out of him. Enjoy!


Meet Adam!

This photo shoot was great! My friend, Sam has a new bundle of joy and is proud to show him off! Who can blame her though? Adam, went through many stages in the shoot, mostly he slept, which was okay with us. As one of my first new born sessions, I was excited to work with such a cute model! Anyways I hope you enjoy and feel free to leave comments, of find me on facebook!


Barber Family

This was an interesting photo shoot. We only had an hour and when my camera suddenly broke we had to improvise until another SLR camera was dropped off. But it helped greatly knowing that this was my extended family and they’d still love me no matter what. It was great to see everyone together before Mike and Claudia took off for Nicaragua. Just a few shots from the lovely fall day.